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Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

The toilet paper rewinding machine mainly has two types of roll toilet paper rewinding machine and net cage type toilet paper rewinding machine, which are also collectively referred to as toilet paper machinery. The paper machine is mainly used to process toilet paper, generally including roll toilet paper and square toilet paper. According to the degree of automation, the toilet paper rewinder is divided into a fully automatic toilet paper rewinder and a semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder. The automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts computer programming technology to realize automatic change of paper tube (or coreless automatic roll paper), automatic glue injection, edge sealing and trimming, which reduces the strength of workers and improves product quality. The semi-automatic rewinding machine has a slightly higher intensity of manual operation. Only the toilet paper that can produce the paper tube is somewhat avoided in the project conversion, and the other is basically the same as the automatic toilet paper rewinding machine.
Our fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine can be double-sided embossed and glued. Compared with single-sided embossing, the paper can make the paper softer, the finished double-sided effect is consistent, and the paper does not spread when used. Processing rolls of kitchen paper towels and reducing weight by 15% or more when finished in the same size. The machine is equipped with processing unintentional, solid, paper tube toilet paper, which can instantly switch between products, and can also be selected according to user needs.
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of tissue rewinders, Mayjoy has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the industry, providing you with the most cost-effective toilet paper rewinder and the highest quality service, and can satisfy your needs. Actual demand. Welcome to our factory to purchase high quality and competitive price toilet paper rewinder.
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    Toilet Roll Making Machine

    Toilet Paper Making Machine
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    (1)Touch screen PLC control
    (2)Automatic roll rewinding, trimming deflashing, glue spraying and sealing tail at a time.
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