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Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue Paper Making Machine
-Parameter Setting:PLC computer operating system interface
-Back Stand:Standard three layer synchronous transmission

Product Intruction:

Tissue paper making machine is used to produce the toilet paper.It is equipped with side embossing unit which will make two layers of paper can not separate easily.The finished facial tissue can be easily packaged.The whole machine use timing belt driving, stepless speed adjustment. It makes the machine can fit more requirements of different gsm raw tissue paper, improved the finished soft facial tissue's quality and production capacity greatly.

Technical parameter:

Machine ModelMJT-1575MJT-1760MJT-1880MJT-2800MJT-3500

Paper Width




(ton/day,8 hours)

Finished Diameter50~1800mm(Adjustable width and tightness)
Finish Paper Core30~55mm
Base Diamter

with 1100mm

Standard (Other size are available)

Jumbo Roll Core Diameter


National Standard (Other size are available)

Process Capability150~280 M/min
Parameter SettingPLC computer operating system interface
Back StandStandard three layer synchronous transmission
Perforation Pitch(mm)2baldes,150~300mm
Pneumatic SystemThe 3 horse air compressor,a minimum pressure of 5kg/cm2Pa(not included in the quotation,usually customer buy it themselves)


Stepless variable speed


Tissue Paper Making Machine Features: 

1. Configuration of pneumatic embossing,pneumatic separation;

2. The machine runs stable with high speed;

3. Setting  the raw paper on to paper stands by pneumatic, stepless regulating speed ratio, Automatically adjust paper tension;

4. The roots vacuum pump absorption system,large amount of inspiratory capacity,running stable;

5. Can according the require fold different width facial tissue(within parameters)

6. Steel to steel edge embossing unit,to ensure the double ply tissue non separation;

7. Automatic stop system when raw material broken,avoid making waste because of raw materials finish or broken;

8. There are inching switch in the machine front and back to the pull the raw materials,easy operation, more safe.

Basic configuration:

-PLC controller

-Warning device

-3 paper stands(can be customize by your request)

-Auto rewinding, perforation and cutting

-Automatic glue spraying

-Pneumatic paper loading

-With synchronous belt

Optional function:

*Auto core dropping system

*Embossing roller (single or double)

More Details of the machine:






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