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Paper Towel Machine

Paper Towel Making Machine
1. Controller:PLC
2. Parameter set:HMI
3. Vacuum system:Roots Vacuum pump

Paper Towel Machine

Product Description:

1.For after-cutting bobbin paper, to do upper gum compound ,embossing, knife roller shear, fold into V fold towels which can be drawn continuing.

2.The finished goods mainly use in toilet, kitchen and office to dry your hands.

3.The machine use vacuum absorption, automatic count divide-layers facility, has advanced technology of high speed, correct quantity and counting, low noise, stable performance.


Technical Parameter:


MJ-V 3 line

MJ-V 4 line

MJ-V 5 line

MJ-V 6 line

Max raw paper width





Max raw paper diameter

φ1100mm (other size can also be ordered )

Raw paper inner diameter

φ3”(76.2mm) (other size can also be ordered )

Product unfolding size


Counting system

Electronic counter,ink mark or dislocation pile

Slitting system

Pneumatic dot cutting

Machine speed


Driving system

frequency control


steel to steel



Parameter set


Vacuum system

Roots Vacuum pump

Pneumatic system

3 air compressor. Min pressure 5kg/cm 2pa

Main power


Main Features of the Paper Towel Machine:

1.Feeding protection detecting emergency situation ,automatically stop the machine and avoid damage.

2.Flexible controller arm, more convenience to operate;

3.This macine has the advantages of simple structure,easy maintenance, lower blade wastage which can protect blade&shaft.

4.The folding roller,can significantly improve rigidity which makes better folding accuracy and stability.

Product Functions and Advantages

1. Automatic counting sub-bit row of output, speed adjusted by frequency changer

2. Screw shear knives, Vacuum adsorption fold, web tension control by manual

3. Variable speed unwinding, can be adapted to base level of tension.

4. Electronically Controlled Pneumatic, easy to operate. 

5. Pneumatic parent roll loading system; The unwinding belt is adjusted pneumatically, when the parent paper is used up the machine will slow down to stop; All the pneumatic device's air press are adjustable.

6. Product width range, to facilitate marketing



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