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Double Colors Printing Napkin Paper Machine
Apr 03, 2018

Double Colors Printing Napkin Paper Machine

Introduction of double colors printing napkin paper machine

The napkin folding embossing machine is used for processing the material bobbin by embossing ,folding,electric counting,cutting into square napkin,automatic embossing folding no need manual folding ,the embossing type can made by customer’s need to made different Clear and beautiful Pattern.

Using Steps of double colors printing napkin paper machine

1.Make paper pass through the webbing shaft , use hand valve to fix well;

2.Put the paper on the machine rearmost shelf, using the fixed belt to fix well;

3.Sequentially put the paper pass through the embossed roller, folding board, conveying rollers;

4.Put one end of the paper feed into the folding rollers;

5.Turn on the machine, in order to turn on the main motor, the cutting motor switch;

6.Adjust speed by adjustment buttons. Then finished napkin paper can be produced out;

7.If need to use counting function, then turn on the counting switch on the top right of controller.

Daily maintenance of double colors printing napkin paper machine

1.Please add  lubricating oil regularly to the chains and remove the paper scraps on the surface;

2.Please add butter via the grease fitting every month;

3.When the paper cutter is blunt, please sharpen the cutter with knife sharpener.



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