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Serviette Machine

Serviette Machine
(1)Unfolding Size: 190*190—460*460 mm (also customization available)

Serviette Machine

Product Introduction

The automatic high speed napkin machine/paper napkin paper machine process napkin paper from jumbo roll by embossing, folding, pneumatic counting, cutting. The whole processing is finished one time by one machine. Different embossing pattern and color printing is available.

Product Parameter

Machine Mode

MJN Serial 

Unfolding Size

190*190—460*460 mm (also customization available)

Folded size


Raw paper Size


Raw paper Core inner dia

75mm Standard(Other size are available)

Embossing Roller end

Cots,wool roll

Counting System

Electronic Counting








150 m/min

Use of power

Frequency Control ,electromagnetic governor


6 Chains

Serviette Machine Feature

1. This machine is mainly for producing folded rectangle or square type napkin paper through smooth compressing, color printing and embossment. this machine is mounted with two-color water printing ink system, which can print various beautiful logo or patterns. it possesses features, such as, clear embossment, correct overprinting and stable running under high-speed. it is the specialized equipment for making high-rank napkin paper. 

2. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under cnc processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand.

3. Color printing unit is equipped with rubber printing, while patterns are flexible as per requirement. it is specialized color printing while the ink can be coated evenly on the emboss roller. 

4. Smooth compressing is conducted by steel to rubber roller. embossment down roller can be felt roller, paper roller or rubber roller (choose one of them).

5. Stepless speed-regulator controls unwinding; machine is completely synchronous in running; auto counting unit

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Jumbo paper roll rewinding and slitting machine


Automatic napkin paper packing machine


Manual napkin paper packing/sealing machine 


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