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Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue Paper Making Machine can use different kinds of waste paper,recycled paper,virgin pulp, as material to make tissue paper,finished product can be toilet roll ,napkin tissue.
Tissue Paper Making Machine Features:
1.For after-cutting bobbin paper, to do upper gum compound ,embossing, knife roller shear, fold into N fold, W fold, 5 fold, 6 fold towels which can be drawn continuing.
2.The finished goods mainly use in toilet, kitchen and office to dry your hands.
3.The machine use vacuum absorption, automatic count divide-layers facility, has advanced technology of high speed, correct quantity and counting, low noise, stable performance.
Mayjoy's service:
-Reasonable advice for selecting equipment.
-Provide detailed descriptions and assembly drawings to give you a better understanding of the equipment's ability to work.
-Engineer field equipment installation and commissioning.
-Train and teach your workers to operate the paper machine
-Provide professional technical guidance and technical support during the production process to ensure the normal operation and production of the equipment.
-We will test the installation machine on the factory floor to ensure safety and quality.
-Provide customers with carbon-free paper and paper coating chemicals, formulations, technology and other recommendations.
Mayjoy is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high cost - performance equipments related to tissue paper making machine , complete sets of paper machine production line , old paper machine production line rebuilt , spare parts of paper machine , etc . Besides , our company owns excellent term with professional engineers and sales , we can offer the best proposal with the customer requirements.Welcome to get high quality and competitive price tissue paper making machine for sale from our factory.