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Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Rolling Machine

Now 1880 type semi automatic toilet paper rolling machine is a commonly used machine for small and medium-sized toilet paper processing plants.

This production line includes 1880 Semi automatic toilet paper rolling machine, band saw paper cutter, water-cooling sealing machine, which can process 2.2 meters or less produced by paper mills. The toilet paper raw material can produce about two tons of finished toilet paper in eight hours, controlled by plc program, and has the functions of automatic rewinding, full embossing, glue dispensing, etc. It is currently the most popular sanitary paper processing plant.


Nowadays, the toilet papers that we often see in the market have cored toilet paper with paper tubes, coreless toilet paper without paper tubes, and single-roll toilet paper wrapped in plastic film, the size of toilet paper, the size of the rolls, different brands. Different brand, different price.

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