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Paper Packing Machine

The automatic paper towel packaging machine is mainly used for napkin paper and facial tissue bag packaging, which replaces the traditional manual packaging, has the characteristics of high speed and neat and beautiful packaging, which saves manpower and improves production efficiency. When the unsealed product is placed on the machine feeding device, the two-folded sealing is automatically completed.
Paper towel packaging machines can be distinguished from the following categories: roll paper packaging machine, tissue paper packaging machine, three-dimensional tissue packaging machine, wallet type paper towel packaging machine, and the like. Among them, the paper packaging can be divided into three types: reciprocating packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine and rotary packaging machine. With automatic feeding machine, the roll paper packaging machine that used to be used in the market all puts the roll paper on the conveyor belt one by one. Now it can automatically convey the material through the feeding machine. It saves labor costs. With automatic ironing machine, it will After the roll paper is packaged, the products that are automatically conveyed and then conveyed are ironed at both ends, and the appearance is more beautiful. The ink wheel coding machine is provided, and the production date and batch number are automatically printed.
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